At Ultra Clean we offer years of experience and provide services ranging from maintenance washes to full paint correction and ceramic coatings.  Below is a list of our services so you can decide which is best for you.  To arrange a booking please pop up in the chat below, email, call 01330 820718 or message us through facebook/instagram.

Gold Wash

A safe wash designed to maintain a well kept car and top up protection with our Ultra Ceramic Detailer.




30-45 mins. Appointment only

Decontamination Wash



2 hours. Appointment only

This wash will chemically remove contaminants such as tar, iron and tree sap from your paintwork safely, leaving a smooth finish.  We will apply our Ultra Ceramic Detailer for a slick and glossy look.

Mini Valet

S-£50 M-£60 L-£70 (+VAT)

2 hours. Appointment only

This option includes our Gold wash, interior vacuum, all plastics cleaned, windows cleaned and left smear free, dash enhanced to a matte finish and Ultra Clean air freshener.

Please note his is for maintenance only and is not a deep clean.

Interior Detail

S-£130 M-£140 L-£150 (+VAT)

Full Day. Appointment only

If your vehicle in need of a deep clean, this is your option.  Our deepest clean will bring your car interior back to showroom condition.

Please note exceptionally dirty vehicles will be subject to additional charges.


Carpet and upholstery protection-£49

Leather protection-£49

Summer/Winter Exterior Protection

S-£199 M-£229 L-249


1 Full day.  Appointment only

This option includes a decontamination wash, single stage machine polish to enhance the paintwork, glass protection, wheel wax and a paintwork wax/sealant best suited to the time of year.

Please note the machine polishing is not paint correction, upgrades are available.

2 stage machine polish (light defects)

-1 stage correction and 1 stage refine


3 stage machine polish (Multiple types of defects)

-2 stage correction and 1 stage refine

Price on inspection

New car ceramic package

S-£449 M-£499 L-£599



2 Full days. Appointment only

Even brand new cars are not perfect.  We will carefully prepare your vehicle through decontamination and machine polishing before applying a ceramic coating, wheel coating and glass coating for 3+ years of protection.  We use Gtechniq coatings but are happy to apply other coatings depending on customer preference and needs.

Exo V4- Add this ultra hydrophobic coating for extra protection on top of your 3+ year coating.


Upgrade to the complete package which includes the interior upholstery and leather protection.


Used car ceramic coatings

2 stage + ceramic


S-£450 M-£520 L-£600

3 stage + ceramic

S-£600 M-£670 L-£750



2-4 Full days. Appointment only

Before applying a ceramic coating it is important to ensure that the paintwork is properly prepared and in its best condition. To ensure the correct level of machine polishing is chosen we require to inspect the car prior to booking.

Exo V4- Add this ultra hydrophobic coating for extra protection on top of your 3+ year coating.


Wheel coatings -POA

Glass coatings-£49

Other Services

Soft top cleaning and protection

Engine bay cleaning and protection

Air conditioning sanitiser


Motorcycle cleaning and protection


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